This is a selection of testimonials from our customers expressing their pleasure and satisfaction with our work and how we solved their problems.

“Wow! What a wonderful wall scene. When I went to see it yesterday, Rachel was on the floor reading a book as though she was on the beach.” Barbara E.

“Philip and Gail, I can’t wait to come home this afternoon and see my new shutters! I really appreciate your working with me and offering your wonderful ideas.” Margaret Ann D.

“The off-white cloth tapes on our blinds dress them up and fit the style of our home in the historic district. It is so nice to have the new version blend with my antiques.” Madison L.

"On my west-facing wall of windows the motorized blinds can be tilted open or closed so efficiently. I have never had a minute's trouble and I give Blinds and Borders all the credit." Greg G.

“I have waited twelve years for shutters. You have answered all my questions about them. I’m ready to place my order with Blinds and Borders.” Melody Layne

"My husband picked out the Roman shades for his office and I think they look fabulous! It is my favorite room in the house." Christine H.

“Before now, I always had mini blinds. I couldn’t see outside or clean them. My new 2-inch blinds are so different!” Susan S.

“It took a lot of people to make the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer House a reality. Classic Homes will make a large donation to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation because of the donated decorative painting you did.” Roy J.

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