This is a selection of testimonials from our customers expressing their pleasure and satisfaction with our work and how we solved their problems.

"My husband picked out the Roman shades for his office and I think they look fabulous! It is my favorite room in the house." Christine H.

“The off-white cloth tapes on our blinds dress them up and fit the style of our home in the historic district. It is so nice to have the new version blend with my antiques.” Madison L.

“I love my new blinds. You did such an excellent job and I have already referred Blinds and Borders to a friend of mine. If you need a reference, just call us.” Bill and Linda Z.

"I like looking through my sheer shades at the world outside. They are a clever combination of blind and curtain. I had no idea they would change the look of my house so much." Shayna B.

“We will enjoy your art for years to come.” St. Jude Children's Hospital

"My architectural firm recommended that we use your services at our new church. There were over one hundred windows to cover. Both you and your wife came a few days later and we decided to go with Blinds and Borders. Thank you for putting in our roller shades so quickly, and for finding us a contract price as well." Mike H.

“I have waited twelve years for shutters. You have answered all my questions about them. I’m ready to place my order with Blinds and Borders.” Melody Layne

“You cared so much about us as your customers and we felt so at ease. From the beginning we knew it would be a pleasure to work with Blinds and Borders as we chose the blinds for our new home.” Stan and Joan W.

"Thank you so much for the circus tickets! The kids are looking forward to going. We are also looking forward to seeing our blinds. We can't wait. Thanks again!" Jessica and Jeremy R. 

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