Case Studies

Even before our clients started construction on their new home, they called us.

We met them later that day in their spacious sunroom, completely surrounded by large windows wearing our shutters, the ones we installed six years ago.

 “We want your shutters throughout our new home,” they said as a copy of the new house plans was placed in our hands. “We know that interior shutters are your specialty and that you like to consult with clients before they build their new home. How will this help us?”

 “First of all, we are so glad that you called Blinds and Borders again. We may be able to save you money and get that special look that you want. Let us show you our wide variety of frame designs, from the simple craftsman-style to the more elaborate crown moulding designs that can echo what you select for your ceiling trim. The frame around your shutters then becomes your window trim. The trim carpenter doesn’t have to install window trim, we will.”

 “Also, to have a double thickness of moulding, the trim carpenter can move the window trim away from the window so the shutters can be installed to give a richer look of trim. We did that in a beautiful craftsman-style home on the lake in Guntersville. And the stain on the trim and wood shutters was matched perfectly.”

 “Do you mean that we can choose where the window trim is installed and match our trim paint to the shutters?” asked our clients. “Wow! And you can give us a quote from our own plans? Super!”